Taylor and her cat have relationship issues

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You know, cats are pretty annoying creatures.  Oh sure, they're cute and all that, but they have attitude and sometimes a lot of it.  My manx, Frog, is, as we speak, running around the house meowing and going crazy because it's raining outside and he really wants to go out but can't because he might get his feet wet.  He's such a puss.  Haha. So instead of just going outside and taking the water like a man-cat, he's running around and acting like it's my fault and should make it stop. 

Well it's funny that Taylor's blog post this morning also had to do with cat issues.  We're so in tune.

 I'm sitting here in my living room. My mom got new couches, so she's forcing us to use them as much as possible. I can't lie, they're some great couches. Giant. Like you're lying on a bed. But it's not a bed. It's a couch. So you're all confused, but comfortable at the same time? So yeah. I'm just hanging out, blogging. Basking in the new-couch-ness. Austin is hitting ping pong balls against the wall like a 5-year-old. 
My cat is yelling at me. She has abandonment issues. Mostly because I abandon her a lot. That's probably why. So she's being loud again. There's no reasoning with her when she's like this. Soon she'll be all "forgive me, I didn't mean it" and I'll be all "How can I believe you?" and she'll be like "'I'm sorry" and I'll burst into song with "You're NOT sorry. No, no, no-ohhhh." Or not. Or I'll just go to bed and she'll stop her drama and jump up on the bed and curl up next to me and start snoring. That's what's actually going to happen.

Last night we played in Atlanta, one of my favorite places in the world. Right after I got offstage, we started driving back to Nashville. We got in at 3am, and I stumbled off the bus and somehow ended up at home in my bed. Then I woke up a few hours later, and went downtown to the convention center and signed autographs for 5.5 hours for the most courageous, relentless, tireless people I've ever seen. They slept out on the street. They waited for 18 hours to come and meet me, and I'll never forget that. Thank you so much, guys.

Then I went to the stadium and got ready to play the CMA Music Fest night concert at LP Field! It was a fun show, and everyone was loud and there were a LOT of them. So many people. Thanks to everyone who came out and held up giant signs and screamed and danced! Tomorrow I go in to rehearse for the CMT Music Awards. I'm so excited!! I love the CMTs because that's a fan-voted award show. You guys have made me so happy the last couple of years and won me some amazing awards. It's the coolest thing in the world to have you. It's the most wonderful honor to know you. 

Thank you for voting on CMT.com, if you have already. What they're doing this year for Video of the Year is text voting. So please please please watch the show and text to vote for Love Story even if you've already voted online, and I'll be obnoxiously happy that you did. I'm gonna go to bed. I love you so much. Thanks for making all of this a possibility for me.




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