Gretchen would like you to get off your butt and exercise

Chuck Leavell, keyboardist for The Rolling Stones, has a website called the Mother Nature Network and during Farm Aid this year he chatted with Gretchen about obesity, farming, the activity of today's youth, and biodiesel…something Gretchen's willing to give a whirl.
Chuck:  What about on tour? Are you doing some things on tour to try to be eco-friendly? Are you using biodiesel or anything like that?
Gretchen:  We haven’t. We haven’t. I didn’t even know about any of that. No. But I’m open to anything, you know, and we definitely use a lot of fuel. So I mean, anything that we can do we’ll do, but like, you know, I think the reason that we’re here today is to try to spread that kind of information, you know. There’s a lot of stuff that I don’t even know yet, you know, and I’m learning a lot just in the last hour of being here. I’ve learned a ton of new information that I can probably use. So, it’s about spreading the word and getting people interested. 



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