Carrie’s wishful dress details

Nderwood-attends-the-17th-annual-elton-john-aids-foundation-oscar-party-held-at-the-pacific-design-center-on-february-22-2009-in-west-hollywood-california Holy smokes, Carrie went from hush hush about her relationship with Mike to wanting to tell everyone all the wedding details.  What a 360.

Carrie chatted with InStyle and let them in one what she has in mind in the wedding dress department…

We got the scoop on what Carrie Underwood envisions wearing when she marries fiance Mike Fisher.Underwood told exclusively: “I want it to be pretty traditional. I think I want flowers on it—not real flowers! It’ll probably be by someone I’ve worked with before,” she told us. Whatever gown she chooses, her wedding style is off to a great start thanks to Fisher’s good taste in engagement rings. “My ring is by Jonathon Arndt. I love him to death. Mike knew that by all the little boxes in my room!”



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3 thoughts on “Carrie’s wishful dress details”

  1. I love the 360 but i still respect that Carrie likes her private life private
    also FYI did not get these details exclusively these are what she told a whole room of reporters in the Press room at the PCAs
    once again just want to say

  2. Wow!! What a nice picture of Carrie. I do like this type of picture so much better than shots of bikinis and miniskirts. Maybe I’m a bit of a prude but I don’t understand why beautiful women and publicists feel the need for skin shots. A little imagination is so much sexier than a lot of skin. A skin flick is good for the day but a classy shot is good for a life time.

  3. John, publicists tell the artists that they have to sell the whole package because sex sells. The sad thing is that the artists believe it. I agree with you though, beautiful talented people don’t have to or need to show all of what they have. Kudos to the women who respect themselves enough to make you use your imagination.

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