It’s all a show for Garth and Trisha


Garth and Trisha are headed for a show, but not the normal kindyou would think of.  The pair are actually the proud puppy parents of a prize winning greyhound named Gaia Woodland Waltz – or more affectionately known as Emmett – who will this month be headed to New York for the Super Bowl of dog shows, the Westminster Kennel Club’s 134th Annual Dog Show.

Emmett is shown and cared for by Garth and Trisha's friend, Jena Raymer, while Garth and Trisha take care of most of the cost of Emmett's upkeep and show costs, making them co-owners - and just like any co-parenting families, both sets of parents are overjoyed with their offspring.

“He’s pretty much what the standard of the breed is all about,” Raymer said. “He’s just spectacular and wants to go to all the shows, and he’s gotten a lot of recognition, even against dogs that have been out all year collecting points. We didn’t bring him out until May."

And he's only 3 which means we may be seeing a lot more of Emmett making the dog show rounds in the future.  But we may want to keep our eyes open for something a little more exciting…like a country music superstar dog fight.

“Vince Gill and Amy Grant own a dog named Manny, and I was kidding around with them one day when I said, ‘Why don’t you back Emmett so you can give Vince and Amy a run for their money?’ He said it sounded like a plan, so they jumped on board.”

You can catch all the Westminster dog show action when it airs on Animal Planet February 15th and  16th.



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