We don’t know what Aaron Tippin thinks of the oil spill, but we do know what Trace Adkins thinks


Earlier today I had pondered what Aaron Tippin thought about drilling on America's shores after the whole BP catastrophe since not too long ago he was a part of the Drill Here, Drill Now campaign.

Well it's hours later and I still don't have an answer to that question, but I do have an answer to what Trace Adkins thinks of the whole mess thanks to The Huffington Post.

Trace gives his advice of how to stop the leak, whether a nuclear explosion is the answer, what BP should do at this point, will the oil ever stop, whether Trace's time on an oil rig makes him feel closer to the crisis, how he feels about the Gulf Coast families, and why he quit oil work. 

Q: What's your advice to BP?

Pay for your mess. That's' all they can do. They're going to have to pay for the mess and probably change their name. They've pretty much soiled BP at this point.

It's interesting to read Trace's take on the oil spill and to realize that this is something he actually knows something about.  Check out the whole interesting interview here.

I'm thinking maybe President Obama should give Trace a call. 



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