A little warmth to brighten your day


If you are anything like me, you HATE all this cold weather and snow that seems endless these days. You know its bad when you are on youtube and you find yourself watching promos for warm vacation spots. Well, I came across this song & thought I'd share with the readers of NashvilleGab. "Knee Deep" is off of Zac Brown Band's latest CD "You Get What You Give". Its a duet with Jimmy Buffet. I've liked it since I got the CD, but set to a beautiful (and warm) back drop like this, I like it even more. ENJOY!!!

~~Brandi C.

Taylor needs a shovel in new video

Taylor Swift's new music video for her current single, 'Back to December,' debuted this morning and I have to say, I was surprised at how much I liked it. It's definitely a more mature video for Taylor while still staying tru to what her fans expect and like from her. Of course, she should probably keep a shovel handy for when it snows so she doesn't get buried alive in bed….or in the bath tub. Watch the video and decide for yourself. Do you like the more mature, apologetic Taylor? 

Garth Gear Still Available to Help Out TN Flood Relief

They Holidays & gift giving may be over for now but for the Country fan there is still time to consider Valentines Day & in doing so making your contribution to the TN Flood Relief fund.  You can order online Garth Gear from his series of his nine sold out shows performed at the Bridgestone in Nashville this past month.

For those who could not attend & would like to purchase any of these GARTH NASHVILLE 10 items, please stop by & browse the impressive list of items available.  TN Thanks you.




Toby Keith To Play Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman

This bit of news came as quite the surprise to me & many others; "Toby Keith To Play The Ryman."  Mr. Keith has been labled a "Rebel" of sorts & does not easily conform with the "Ways of the Nashville" music industry.  Feels it is too political & not about the music.  So when I found this information I was very surprised.  http://search2.opry.com/?view=events  Toby has often said he does have the utmost respect for the Grand Ole Opry, but could not commit to making a number of appearances.

Keith's first & only appearance on the Opry was December 14, 2002.  As I look over the list of those in attendance that day, there is one common denominator to that & the upcoming January 29th performance: Trace Adkins. As we all know Trace is now on the Toby's Show Dog/Universal  lable, so do you surmise there was some coaxing there on Akdins part to get Toby to perform?  Or did the Opry extend the invite & Toby found the time to accept?  Many in Toby's large very loyal fan base surmise there could be an induction invite in the wings & that is the reason for this appearance.

Whatever the reasoning behind Keith's appearance, if there really is any big theory, this is another kudo to his long range career that does not appear to be on the way out anytime soon.  It will be a great night for the Opry & Toby fans alike.



A Country Music Vegas December to Remember

Yes the Holidays are over, and you probably wonder about the title.  Well they had a hold on me & have finally let go.  Things have calmed down, the decorations are put away, the bad food is all gone & I can now finally sit down and recap the busy country music time in December.  I am still working on my photo skills, I just need lighting to work with me!   The weather was very chilly for Vegas but these shows made you forget for a time you were wearing winter gear.

It started out in Vegas on Dec 1st (that could almost be the start of a novel huh? Ha Ha) and rolled on from there. The 24th Annual Downtown Hoedown took place on Freemont St in Vegas as a pre-start to the upcoming NFR annual events.  With the great line-up that included Jack Ingram I knew this was a trip I had to make.  The rest of the nights artists included Stealing Angels, Kevin Fowler, Trailer Choir, Eli Young Band, Randy Rogers Band, Jason Jones & Brett Eldredge.

I was new to Stealing Angels and was glad I caught this trio of young very talented women, Caroline Cutbirth, (descendent of Daniel Boone), Jennifer Wayne (John Wayne's grandaughter), & Tayla Lynn (granddaughter of Loretta Lynn).  Their sweet sounding harmony caught my attention immediately along with their strong stage presence.  http://www.stealingangels.com/  These young ladies are worth a listen.


I unfortunately missed out on Kevin Fowler but did catch up with the high enery of Trailer Choir.  This group is made up of, lead singer "Butter", the wonderful harmonies of the gorgeous blonde Crystal & last  but not least the man known as "Big Vinny". I first saw this group when they opened up a few shows on tour with Toby Keith as members of his record label.  He sure selected well with these fun loving, well blended young kids who bring you along at every show as if you were on stage with them. http://www.trailerchoir.com/


I got over to catch The Eli Young Band & are never disappointed in seeing them perform.  They bring youth, passion & high energy in their music as well as in their stage presence.  Performing their hits "When It Rains" & "Always a Love Song" are always crowd favorites.  Do not pass this group up if they have a show near you, you will have a good time.  http://www.eliyoungband.com/home.aspx


Could not get over to see Randy Rogers but I do know I will do my best to catch them if they play anywhere near me; it is worth the trip.  Their new album, "Burning The Day" is in stores now.  http://www.randyrogersband.com/

One of the main reasons for this Vegas trip was for the next artist, Texas born singer songwriter, Jack Ingram.  How can anyone go wrong catching a show this guy throws at you?  Jack has been rockin & thundering through roadhouses, theatres & stadiums since 1997, leaving behind a trail of his own sounds that can be put in a class with Willie & Waylon.  The large crowds were in no way let down from the time Jack & The Beat Up Ford Band opened with "Mustang Burn", & ending with the rollicking (and actual bare footed) "Barefoot & Crazy."  Filling in with some of his hits, "Keep On Keepin On", "Love You", & "Wherever You Are" added to the wild, fun, bring you along for the ride concert that is Jack Ingram. I have seen his shows many times & never know what to expect from each one, this night was no exception.   http://www.jackingram.net


On Sat Dec 4th took in a show to see Easton Corbin.  Catch all the info here:  http://www.nashvillegab.com/2010/12/easton-corbin-is-the-real-country-deal.html

Spent time in between hanging out with friends, but made sure I went to see Grammy-Award nominated Jake Owen on Dec 5th at Harrah's Carnival Court, (an outdoor venue in between Harrah's & Imperial Palace). Now when the word FREE comes in to play anything goes.  I thought I got there fairly early but obviously did not have my game plan on track.  The place was packed & I was lucky to find just a chair close enough to see the stage.  Talked to a few people who had been there for more than 3 hours just waiting to see Jake.  Now those are FANS!! 

The wait was finally over for these fans & by watching them you knew it was worth their time.  I will have to agree.  This young man, who gave us hits such as, "Yee Haw", "Something About A Woman", "Don't Think I Can't Love You" & "Eight Second Ride", strolled onto the stage amid screams, whistles & loud applauds.  By the "grab you up & take you away" grin on his face he was loving it.  His show represented how much he loves & believes in what he does.  Once the first song was under way I no longer cared where my chair was.  He has fun, he gives it his all & no one left there without wanting more. Do not miss Jake Owen when he does a show close enough, you will be glad you did.  http://www.jakeowen.net/


Dec 6th was the 1st American County Awards (ACA) show at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.  I did not attend but there were no shortage of stars in town for the event, from Toby Keith, Miranda Lambert, Reba,Trace Adkins (who hosted the show) and on and on.  But I knew I just had to stay in town for one more event & it was worth the loss of sleep and being tired the next day at work.  For those who missed the Blake Shelton & Friends After the Awards Show Party at the House of Blues, you missed a lot.  Just seeing Blake in concert is a great time but to attend this party & not know what is going to happen & who the "Friends" are was just too good to pass up.

I can say with conviction Blake knows how to throw a party & has some great friends.  As he starts out the night with "Kiss My Country Ass" it is game on from that moment.  His on stage chemistry with Miranda goes really without saying, & her singing with Kelly Clarkson was a great mix of sounds.  But to have Reba, Nan Kelly, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Charles Kelly all in one place rockin out was a night of all nights.  Blake said it was his party & he could do & say what he wanted, and that he did.  The crowd was in love with him more than ever that night & when it ended after three hours I still thought; "Anymore left?"

So thanks to all my friends who were part of this time with me, thanks to my car for taking me there & back (4hrs each way), thanks to the artist's who took time to meet up with me & thank God for giving me the energy to make it through & find a way to do it all over again some other time.  Well the ACM's are not too far off huh?  Happy New Year

Craig Morgan’s Outdoor Show Is A Huge Hit

Peo31-g3u8m3ur-10531-peo-craig-morgan2-lf Nashville, TN…(January 3, 2011)…Country music star Craig Morgan can now add top-rated TV host to his diverse list of talents. In its first season on The Outdoor Channel, “Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors” has risen to become the network’s #1 rated hunting show on Saturday mornings.

You can catch it on every Saturday morning at 11 am (EST) on The Outdoor Channel. Season two of “Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors” will start in June 2011.

“All Access Outdoors” chronicles the life of country music sensation and avid outdoorsman Craig Morgan – both on stage and in the field. Whether he’s entertaining screaming fans at sold-out shows, motocross racing or bowhunting big game, Craig’s life is high-octane and his schedule is unrelenting. This hit new reality show gives viewers an all access, backstage pass to Craig’s travels, as he and his crew pursue big game, big thrills and big laughs across North America in a quest for the ultimate hunting adventures. Craig’s fellow country music artists – as well as professional athletes and motocross celebrities – join him each week. Craig’s engaging personality, lifelong love of hunting and considerable television experience make “All Access Outdoors” a must-see for hunters and country music fans everywhere.

I myself haven't seen it yet, but judging from the way other people are talking about it…looks like I need to be tuning in soon!

New Artist Alert – Matt White

Matt White - It's The Good Crazy 
First…I like this guy and his music.  However, I am not quite sure why this was suggested as a review for a country blog.  I don't really hear any country sound in him (albeit I only listened to a couple of songs off of his myspace page – www.myspace.com/mattwhitemusic or www.mattwhitemusic.com).  His producer worked with Lenny Kravitz (again…country???) and his engineer has worked with Weezer, Goo Goo Dolls, Sparklehorse, and Shelby Lynn (okay I'll give him a smidge of country cred for that).  The music isn't bad as long as you are not one of those listeners who exclusively only listen to country.  He kinda has a John Mayer meets Jason Mraz who meets Michael Buble and all three went gay and produced a child kinda sound to me.  The lyrics are pretty simple with basic melodies.  The lyrics are not anything really deep, intense, or complicated.  Maybe he would be considered a male version of Colbie Calliet? 

Matt comes from a huge musical family and is a young lad (only 30) who hails from New York City.  According to his bio, his grandmother was the first female orchestra leader and his grandfather gave Frank Sinatra his first violin.  He grew up immersed in music and is all about his art.

If you are interested in checking him out, there are samples of his music on his myspace page.  He's not bad and I noticed that he is going to be doing a show in my neck of the woods in a couple of months.  Maybe I'll go over to the show and report back.