Carrie Underwood’s Label Screws Her Over

CarIt's better if I don't comment too much on this post, or get into the politics of it too much, cause I'll go on a rant. I feel like they just pulled nominations out of a hat this year. So many people were snubbed. But enough about that, on to the story.

Entertainment reporter, Jimmy Carter tells WKKT that an inside source told him that Miranda Lambert got 7 noms vs one for Carrie Underwood because their record label had to decide who to push, and they figured Miranda needed the noms more than Carrie did at this point. All I can say is HUH? We base it on who NEEDS it more now? Hmm, thats good to know.

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19 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood’s Label Screws Her Over”

  1. I’m not sure how many people will agree with me – but here’s what I think about the awards shows.
    First, of course it’s ‘big business’ pulling the strings. There is a little bit of ‘politics’ in everything.
    Second, Thare are far too many awards shows these days. Therefore, while we may enjoy seeing our favorite artist going home with an arm full of awards, they are rather meaningless.
    I watch the shows to see the performances, to see who is attending with who, and what they are wearing. I enjoy the interviews when the artists are arriving for the big event.
    However, I don’t believe the awards are all that important to the artists. They work very hard to bring us the music we want to hear, and the shows we want to go see.
    What I think is important to them is that their fans support them, their fans buy their albums, their fans buy tickets to their concerts, and their fans call radio stations and request their songs.
    Carrie Underwood is one of the most talented country artists out there today. However, she doesn’t need to win any more awards for me to believe that. I already know it’s true.
    Besides, if she doesn’t win an award at the ACM’s … you can be sure another award show will be popping up very soon.
    The one I can’t understand is the fact that the Randy Rogers Band was nominated for Top Vocal Group, and Rascal Flatts wasn’t!
    Well, that’s my take on the subject. Thanks for letting me throw in my 2 cents worth.

  2. Miranda is great and I love her but the politics of award shows make them nothing but promotion tools. The awards mean nothing unless voted on by the fans. Look at the Grammy nominations for female country vocal performance. What are Jewel, LeAnn, and Gretchen doing in there but for promotion. What good are “congradulations” when fan based voting and record sales don’t count.

  3. There were several missing people: Rascal Flatts definitely, Tim McGraw had a terrific year and had the biggest tour but then some would say that’s because he had Lady A with him. Carrie definitely would have won EOY as the fans after two wins..they say we can’t nominate her or she’d win again. She doesn’t need help anyway. But what about Josh Turner? That man had a great year this year with “Why Don’t we just Dance” at #1 for 4 weeks straight. I too just watch the awards for the music and I would love to see a bigger variety of country stars as well perform.

  4. Why should Nashville ‘politics’ surprise anyone? Look at the snub for Little Big Town and Eric Church and the ‘love’ for less talented (vocally) Taylor Swift, she is their ‘cash cow’, for whatever reason. I take the awards show with a grain of salt. I know what I like and who is truly talented. I don’t need an award to tell me.

  5. I really don’t think Carrie will mind missing out this year. She is valuing time to spend with her new hubby. It’s like a change of the guards. Miranda is now the new deserving artist.

  6. That is TERRIBLE what Carrie’s label did to her! And don’t speak for Carrie! It is not “the changiing of the guards” when Miranda didn’t even headline a major tour yet! Carrie headlined over 100 cities in 2010 on a HUGE, critically acclaimed tour! I like Miranda too– and she deserves album, song, single, even female vocalist this year– but NOT Entertainer when she is too new at headlining. Mirnada played to 2,000 people venues, while Carrie, Rascal Flats, Tim MCGraw, etc- all played to big arenas and sold out crowds. It is wrong that all 3 were snubbed. I hate Carrie’s label for what they did to her, and I hope she leaves her label. The whole thing stinks! Isn’t Miranda getting enough awards with the 9 noms she got at the CMAS, and 7 for ACMS? Why does she deserve Entertainer when she has not reached that point in her career yet? Makes no sense.

  7. Itis WAY too soon for Miranda Lambert to be given Entertainer nominations, and even she knows that. She deserves Album of the year, Song, Single, Video, whatever. She had a huge year! And I love her! But she should not be nominated for EOTY over Tim McGRaw, Rascal Flats, or Carrie Underwood, all of whom sold out huge arenas and put on major headlining tours. Even Taylor deserved a nom, though I can’t stand her. lol But Miranda is not there yet. It was wrong of Carrie and Miranda’s label to treat Carrie so terribly.

  8. This is nothing new, country music always does these things to artist-look back at their history-talent means zero for these awards, sometimes they get it right, but won’t keep it right-so much talent out there and some of these people have only one song out, so now they give an award just for appearing!!!I think they should all be stopped, as the true meaning has been lost, like the needle in a haystack. A real joke, I will not watch any of them! Never did like tin, it rust over night exacly how these awards will do.

  9. It stinks in Nashville–and it is NOT from stale flood waters. Washington politics have nothing over the politics in Nashville. They promote their personal favorites and ignore the hard working artists that has EARNED them. Lambert is no where near the artist that Underwood is and never will be and for Carrie’s record label to do this is WRONG!!!!! Guess it isn’t about who EARNED the award–it is about their personal favorites and who needs it . Don’t forget there are people in Nashville that will block vote against an artist to keep them out of the running and make it easier for their chosen one to win. STINKING DIRTY POLITICS. I can’t begin to think how Carrie must feel about this considering how hard she has worked to EARN this nomination—. Same goes for Rascal Flatts and Tim McGraw. I won’t be watching the show knowing that Carrie, RF and Tim was treated this way.

  10. An addendum to my previous post: REBA—would you want the same thing done to you that was done to Carrie? How about Kenny C. and Brad P. How would you feel??? MIRANDA—HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THIS—knowing that they took the competition out of the last awards so you would win and are doing the same this time again knowing that if your FRIEND Carrie was in the running you may not have won any awards? (yOUR AWARDS ARE SURELY TAINTED) And Carrie’s record label—Aren’t you supposed to protect your client’s interests and promote them to the best of your abilities? I have been a country music fan all my life and I am absolutely SICK about this and the treatment of Carrie. My family, friends and I became fans of this young lady–not only for her amazing vocals but her faith, honesty, sincerety, morals and her ethics not only in her professional life but her personal life also. IT IS A DAM SHAME THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ONE OF THE BEST ARTISTS IN NASHVILLE.

  11. I am a country music lover, have been for a long time. Many are saying this is unfair to Carrie. Maybe it is, but then it`s also unfair to all the other artists that they pushed aside to promote Carrie like they have since 2006. There are many, many talented artists out there and they all deserve to be promoted the same. It doesn`t happen. Hasn`t happened for years.
    No offense to anyone but I am a little tired of seeing Carrie`s name (Even Taylor Swift) heaing their music everytime I turn on the radio. I like them both but hearing it and seeing it everywhere is wearing me thin on them. The same goes for the guys. Love most of them but what about Jake Owen, Billy Currington, Gary Allan. The only time you hear their name is if their song goes #1. They tried to get fans involved voting for entertainer and turned it into a popularity contest. I understand there is still politics but if they want it to be a popularity contest then put EVERONE in there and make it fair.

  12. I feel bad for carrie not being nominated more, however, look at it this way. Carrie is not the first amazing, big female superstar to get treated this way (repeatedly, of course). Take a look at Carrie’s inspiration……..Reba. Look how the ACM’s & CMA’s have treated Reba throughout the almost “4 DECADES” she has been around. Not very well. neither have the Grammy’s. In fact, most of Reba’s awards have come from fan-voted award shows……. almost like Carrie’s has. Could history be repeating itself? Maybe. Reba always deserved alot more than she received from the industry…….and as a side note, she has had a MUCH BETTER YEAR THAN MIRANDA, SO WHY WASN’T SHE NOMINATED FOR EOTY? In fact, Tim McGraw had the #1 country tour in 2010 in all genres, and Reba & George Strait had the #1 tour of 2010 in North America……NOT MIRANDA. So I say to all Carrie Underwood fans……All Reba fans feel your pain, and it’s very sad to watch history repeat itself. Especially to women who are so talented.

  13. If they view Miranda’s one #1 song, and a platnium album EOTY worthy, then wouldnt ALL the ladies of the 90s be deserving of at least a nom in their careers? Trisha Yearwood,Martina McBride,Patty Loveless ect?

  14. The only way Miranda can win is if Carrie is out of the running. Miranda isn’t all that good if you ask me.

  15. Reading all of this has made me very upset. I DO agree with everybody with what they said about Miranda not being at the point in her career to be nominated. But-I also believe that Carrie deserves to win that award, because Carrie Underwood is currently the BIGGEST Country star. I, personally, am a huge fan of Carrie. She is a great role model for fans of all ages. But Carrie does deserve to win because she has worked so hard-and to think that her Label ripped her off?? That makes me just sick to my stomach. I mean, seriously-Carrie Underwood is the only Idol winner to sell the most albums-which all made Platinum. Some of you might think that she doesn’t need to win any awards because YOU know that she is the best and that is all that matters, but that is false, because the Awards help the singer go further into their career, and since Carrie is so far already, imagine where she will be in even 2 years! She will be the new “Reba”, no doubt! So thank you for reading this, for my 2 cents worth. If you disagree with me(and some of you are going to get mad at this), but e-mail me with any comments, questions, etc. at Thanks!

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