Kristin Chenoweth to debut her Bitch song on “Live with Regis & Kelly”

Kristin Chenoweth to debut her Bitch song on Live with Regis & Kelly
Photo via Kristin Chenoweth's Facebook Page

This makes me smile. 

As I told you back a couple of weeks ago, the cute-as-a-button actress Kristin Chenoweth is coming out with a new country CD called "Lessons Learned." She got her record contract and because she was afraid she wouldn't get to fulfill her childhood dream of recording country music, she had it written into her contract that she would be able to record at least one countrified album. Turns out the record label decided to let her fulfill her dream pretty quickly and her debut CD is country.  

And the first single off the CD has the word Bitch in the title.  Now this should be fun.  

Country music and morning television are usually pretty darn careful about not letting any bad words slip into their programming, so it makes a person wonder just how they're going to handle Kristin's first single is called I Want Somebody (Bitch About). 

It bugs me every time I write that or read it somewhere, I really, really want to add a "to" in front of "bitch".  Seriously, I have weird problems sometimes.  

So just how is T.V. and radio going to handle this B-Bomb dropping song? Our first chance to find out will be June 15th when she stops by "Live with Regis & Kelly" to perform the song.  

Of course, the video will be making it's television debut June 6th on CMT so I suppose we'll know if there's going to be any kind of censoring going on then.  

You'll be able to pick up Kristin's album when it hits stores September 13th.  

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2 thoughts on “Kristin Chenoweth to debut her Bitch song on “Live with Regis & Kelly””

  1. This isn’t actually Kristin’s debut album, she’s already released three non-country albums.

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