Sara Evans’ court drama comes to an abrupt end…..for now

Sara Evans' court drama comes to an abrupt end.....for now
Sara and Craig Schelske in happier times

Sara Evans and her ex-husband, Craig Schelske, may have been divorced for three years, but so far the drama hasn't quite went away. 

Back not too long ago, Sara's divorce attorney John Hollins, Sr. and the law firm he works for had to give Schelske an undisclosed sum of cash and a public apology as part of a settlement for reportedly slandering Schelske in an article in People Magazine.  

My firm and I represented Sara Evans in a highly contested divorce from Craig Schelske. I represented Sara Evans to the best of my ability. I regret that my actions on behalf of Sara Evans caused Mr. Schelske harm in any way.”  John J. Hollins.

Then in March, Schelske decided that Sara's upcoming summer tour was no place for their kids to be, accusing the singer of having an unfit tour-life for kids.  He filed papers hoping to get more visitation, stating he had "first-hand knowledge that the children are exposed to inappropriate conduct, spend little time with [Sara], and are placed in a party atmosphere with excessive drinking and drug use." 

Now it appears that the drama may finally be subsiding (at least we can hope) now that Schelske's request has been denied. 

Last week, despite bringing in his and Sara's ex-nannies, who the judge quickly dismissed, Schelske's request to have the children for the summer while Sara was on tour were denied, although they were denied without prejudice meaning that he can again take Sara to court. 

Also thrown out were Schelske's request for a court ordered Psychiatric Evaluation in regard to concerns of Parental Alienation. 

Schelske states, “This was a frustrating day but I am committed more deeply than ever to seek, and get, a fair and equitable parenting situation in the best interest of our children.”

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was probably frustrating and upsetting to the kids to see their parents fighting over them.  Let's hope things cool off now.  

Since his and Sara's divorce, Schelske has joined ACFC, an organization that attempts to get equal rights for both parents, fighting on behalf of fathers.  You can check their website out here. You can also read the whole drama from Schelske's side of things on his website here



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  1. I don’t know about this ex-couple – I think they BOTH are at fault. Just a side note: lately Sara Evans look is so cheap and tacky – with her low cut tops, skin tight weird pants . . . *those pants she wore on the Lionel Ritchie tribute – what the heck??

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