CD Review: Premium Country – David Adam Byrnes

Premium Country

David Adam Byrnes’ new CD, Premium Country, is a solid first release from an artist that would sound right at home on 90s country radio.  He has a very good voice, but it is somewhat unremarkable.  His voice, for the most part, could be easily interchanged with any number of second-tier country artists; however, he does end a couple of phrases in a fashion similar to how Garth Brooks does.  Turn up the twang a little throughout entire songs, and he would most likely garner comparisons to Garth Brooks.  As it is, he doesn’t.

At 14 songs and over 50 minutes long, Byrnes packs a lot into his first CD release.  The problem is that there is not one song that stands out as a hit among the 14, though “She Only Wanted Flowers,” a song about a woman who seemingly had everything and yet still left her significant other, could break through on GAC or CMT.  I’m not anticipating much as far as radio airplay.

If you need a modern fix of 90s honkytonk music, check this CD out.  If you love a lot of rock in your country, you might want to take a pass on this one.




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