Scotty McCreery and a bunch of Idols help ring Wall Street’s bell


Scotty McCreery and several fellow American Idol contestants from this last season were on hand yesterday to ring the NASDAQ closing bell, which I guess has become a yearly tradition. 

Lauren Alaina must have had better things to do.  

There's also video of the event here.




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One thought on “Scotty McCreery and a bunch of Idols help ring Wall Street’s bell”

  1. Well yeah I’m enjoying the X-Factor, but it’s kind of got oveinhelmrwg for me. The bad host that is actually making me like Ryan Secrest(I never actually hated Ryan, but I never really liked him either), someone having a meltdown every results show. (Paula had a meltdown, the next week Astro had a meltdown, this past week Simon had a meltdown) that’s getting old. Things I don’t want to see or hear on Idol this season though. Steven getting all pervy on the teenage girls. Sorry Steven but those girls are young enough to be your granddaughters and that’s just creepy. JLO getting flirty with the male contestants, ie: the way she would get with Casey and Stefano. Randy saying in it to win it . Steven saying that was beautiful .Those are just some things that could be improved upon, other than that I’m ready for the show to air. And ready for a little bit of sanity after the X-Factor.

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