It’s on! Blake Shelton and Chuck Wicks declare Gator War 2011

Well here's something a-brewin' I had no clue about.  

Within the last year, several country stars including Chuck Wicks, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, and Craig Morgan have all went alligator hunting.  

Well apparently Blake Shelton was a little intimidated by Chuck Wicks' gator because over the weekend Blake tweeted this picture to Chuck. 

Blake's is bigger
Well Chuck didn't exactly like all this size comparison so he whipped out pictures to prove his was bigger. 

Chuck and Blake

Chuck posted this message to his fans along with the above picture:  Did you all see the twitter message Blake Shelton sent me yesterday? Looks like he's trying to start somethin'! :)


I don't know but it sure looks like Chuck's got Blake beat in the size department. 

Sorry Blake. 

So far there's been no retaliation or response from Blake.  

In other country boy news, poor Luke Bryan and the boys of Gloriana only wish their gator measured up. Unfortunately they may have to wait a few more years to join the Big Boy Club….

Luke Bryan alligator
{via Eagle 99}



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