Kenny Chesney’s rum deal apparently fell through along the way somewhere


Okay, so I have this odd brain that retains some things like a steel trap. 

It's a curse really. 

Then again, I'm also very forgetful and quite often have blond/senile moments.  I'm telling you, it's tough being me.  I will forget the important things like paying the electric bill or one of my kids' birthdays (or nearly anyway) but will remember silly celebrity trivia like my life depended on it.

Oh, and I'm quite often obsessive.  Like 2:30 in the morning something will pop in my head and I will have to get up and look it up on the computer or give up a good night's rest.  

I'm tellin' you, it's crowded up in my noggin'. 

This is one of those odd stories that my curiosity got the better of me for no apparent reason other than my brain is wired oddly. 

Kenny Chesney and his rum deal.  Back in 2008 it was announced that Kenny Chesney was developing a rum with Constellation Spirits that was supposed to hit stores in 2010.  So every once in a while I'd search Constellation Spirits' website, I'd Google, I'd search Kenny's online store, the press release websites, etc. always expecting to see Kenny's rum there somewhere. I thought it was kind of odd that it was taking so long, but what do I know about rum making? 

Well on one of my jaunts around the web looking to see if Kenny had a rum out, I found a question submission thingy on Constellation Spirits so I filled it out and asked about Kenny's rum. 

They were probably like, "huh?" 

Here's the response I got back. 

Dear Ms. Davis:

Thank you for your interest in Constellation Brands.

Unfortunately we will not be producing a rum in partnership with Kenny Chesney.



I don't know what happened, but I guess I can now rewire my brain with some other obsessive search term.  



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2 thoughts on “Kenny Chesney’s rum deal apparently fell through along the way somewhere”

  1. im glad you posted this because i was thinking about that the other day.. “i kinda remember Kenny Chesney mentioning around 2008 that he was going to have a rum some time….” noone belived me :) but thank you for your post, now i can stop looking!

  2. Well looks like he has a new deal, he has tradmarked multiple names including Sixth Gear, FEBAP, CHeck yur troubles at the shore, Nowhere to go, and Nowhere to be.

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