Merle Haggard’s cousin or nephew or some family relation heads to reality show

Gary and Ted

So did you know that Ted Haggard, the fallen minister guy, is related to Merle Haggard? 

I didn't, which is why I Googled.  Of course, some places list him as Merle's cousin and some list him as his nephew, so who knows really. 

Anyway, Ted is going to be wife swapping with Gary Busey for ratings – thankfully not in the way it sounds, though..  

Ted and Gary will be swapping wives for the new ABC reality show Celebrity Wife Swap…a new spinoff of their old regular person Wife Swap.    

Now Ted doesn't interest me in the least other than his country relation, but Gary Busey….now there's someone I could watch swapping wives.  The guy is a nut, which is why I pretty much love him.  He would so totally fit in with my family.  

Gary's not actually married at the moment so it's not clear if it will be Gary's fiancĂ© (yes, someone plans on marrying the loon) or one of his exwives who he will be doing the swapping.  

No word on just when you'll get to see the sure-to-be crazy antics of Gary and Ted's spouse swapping, but you can be sure I'll be tuned in whenever it happens.  




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