Colt Ford released a new Moonshine…so why is the Richard Petty M&M on the bottle?

Goodtime_liqSo Colt Ford has a new Moonshine and Vodka line out. The press release says he's the first country singer to have such a thing on the market, although I would think that Hank Williams Jr. might beg to differ

"I wanted to have real moonshine made by real moonshiners and that is what I got," said Ford. "This took over a year to get the government to approve, and it is really special. I could not be more proud to be involved with the Georgia Distilling Company and United Distributors. We have some great moonshine and vodka that I will put up against any on the market. This is gonna be a fun ride, and I am gonna do everything I can to make the world have a GOODTIME!"

I say good for him.  In this business you really have to diversify and spread your money-making prospects far and wide.  My only question is, why in the world is Richard Petty's M&M on the front of the bottle?  

Back a couple of years ago M&M came out with a bunch of print ads that had celebrities turned into M&Ms featured in them.  Kix Brooks and Burt Reynolds' M&Ms both bear a slight resemblance to Colt's bottle picture, but it was the Richard Petty M&M (that I can't find a picture of) that was really the spittin' image. 

Burt Reynolds M&M
Burt Reynolds M&M
Colt ford vodka



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