Michael Buble and Shania Twain singing ‘White Christmas’

Shania Twain joined Michael Buble for a recording of White Christmas for his upcoming Christmas album and now we get our first listen. 

Sounds wonderful! 

All these Christmas albums and songs coming along is starting to really get me in the mood for the holidays. 

Now if we can just get past Halloween.  

Michael's album 'Christmas' will be released October 24th.  

Garth Brooks makes for one expensive date

Garth in vegasImage: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Garth Brooks just released a new set of dates for his Vegas show, but if you're planning on going you better keep one thing in mind….you're going to spend a crapload of money.

MoneyBundle.com put together a list of the top 10 concerts that people spend the most money on when they buy their tickets.  They found that on average, fans are spending $618 whenever they buy tickets to Garth's Vegas show.   

Apparently this isn't a show that fans are wanting to watch alone.  

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Brad Paisley invades South Park

image from lockerz.com
Well, folks, it appears that a country music star is about to join Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, and the rest of the South Park crew in the very near future. 

On Monday, Brad Paisley tweeted a photo of himself as a South Park cartoon character and said: @BradPaisley Now THIS is a good look for me. They get me. Sniff..They really get me.

Not sure if Brad Paisley will be voicing his South Park character or if it will just be his West Virginia clad likeness making an appearance, but either way it's bound to be a hoot.

Let's just pray that Mr. Hankey doesn't make an appearance in the episode.  

Hip hop fans accuse Toby Keith of stealing ‘Red Solo Cup’

Toby keith red solo cup

Toby Keith sometimes seems like a bit of a controversy magnet and his newest video and song is adding a notch to the controversy bedpost so to speak.  

Toby recently released the video for his goofball party anthem Red Solo Cup.  I've heard good things and bad things about the video, but most people seem to just take it as a fun sort of silly frat boy video.

A few hip hop fans are looking at it differently, though, and are calling Toby's song and video a total rip-off. 

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Justin Bieber debuts music video for Christmas song featuring The Band Perry

Justin Bieber has quite a few famous folks taking part in his upcoming Christmas album including The Band Perry who joined him for Mistletoe

On a normal day I wouldn't suggest you go out and buy a Justin Bieber album, but considering some proceeds from the sale of the album will be going to charity, I think I'll make an exception in this case. 

"Under the Mistletoe" will be available in stores November 1st. 

Check out the video for Mistletoe featuring The Band Perry (who don't make an appearance in the video) below. 

Carrie Underwood gets the Pop Up Video treatment

Carrie Underwood popup video

Remember Pop Up Videos?  That VH1 staple that had videos with little info bubbles that would pop up and explain unknown facts and fun little trivia about the video, the star, the song, and whatever else show makers could think up. 

It was awesome!

The show sort of disappeared into obscurity in the late '90s or so, but it appears that VH1 was feeling a little nostalgic because they've brought the show back.  

And Carrie Underwood's Before He Cheats has been pop upped. 


PS – they also did a pop up video of Cowboy Casanova.  Check it out here.


Willie and Annie Nelson support the 99 percenters

Occupy Wall Street is nearing the one month mark and the movement is taking hold and crossing the globe. 

It's also gotten the attention of many a celeb who have taken time to either visit protesters or offer their support in other various ways. 

Willie Nelson and wife Annie have shown their support in the form of a recorded poem. 

We stand with humanity against the insanity

We're the ones with the 99

We're the seeds and we're the core

We're the one's we've been waiting for, we're the ones with the 99

We're the windows and we are the doors

And we are the ceiling and we are the floors

We're the one's we've been waiting for, we're the ones with the 99

Stand up against tyranny, you now have the floor

You're the ones we've been waiting, we're the ones with the 99

The whole tax setup is a little unfair, but some of us don't mind paying our share

We're the one's that we've been waiting for, we're the ones with the 99

We're the one's we've been waiting for

You're the ones we've been waiting for, we're the ones with the 99

We stand with humanity against the insanity

And we're the ones we've been waiting for, we're the ones with the 99

Our hearts in Z Park against the oligarch

We're the ones we've been waiting for, we're the ones with the 99

And even though all our bodies can't be there, we'll be there in spirit because we care

We're the ones we've been waiting for, we're the ones with the 99

We stand with humanity against this insanity for all people to be free

Us and them, you and me, we're the ones with the 99


Miranda Lambert sets new tour, offers up samples of new album

Miranda Lambert

I'm so, so, SO excited for November 1 because that's when Ms. Miranda's newest (and sure to be awesome) "Four the Record" hits stores. So far I haven't gotten an advance copy so I may be hitting the stores like the rest of the world when the time comes. 

Well if you're excited like me then head over to Amazon.com because they've got snippets of all 14 -yes 14! – songs on the CD.  Sounds good.  Can't wait to hear the whole thing. 

And speaking of Miranda, she's released a little info on her upcoming tour, and like Miranda, it's On Fire!

Miranda's On Fire tour will kick off January 12th with Chris Young and Jerrod Niemann as opening acts.  

“I’m looking forward to the tour and playing some new music from ‘Four The Record’ and kicking some attitude,” said Miranda. “Chris and Jerrod have great shows and we’re gonna have a lot of fun out there this year and it will be a great year with our fans. See you out there!” 

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“Rebels On The Run” Out Oct 18th Montgomery Gentry Still On The Right Track

Montgomery Gentry started out their career with "Hillbilly Shoes" now they are "Rebels on the Run."  But they are not actually running from anything, they are continuing to do what they have always done, make music their way with their own distinguishing style.


This past year has been one of trials and tribulations.  The ever charismatic Eddie Montgomery was diagnosed with cancer which he never allowed to get him down.  This is a trial for any one person but the beating it successfully is the tribulation.  The guys took on another trial of sorts when their long time recording agreement with Sony ended.  And not too long after enters Average Joe's Entertainment as their next tribulation.  To promote this new beginning and the new album a new website was created as well.   http://www.montgomerygentry.com/

The songs on the "Rebels on the Run" keep them on track with the down to earth working class person who can relate to many of them.  I heard "Damn Right" live in concert this past summer and knew right there this was a good indication the new album would be great. Eddie and Troy never lose sight of where they came from and who helped them get where they are today.  They do not call them fans, they call them friends.  Well FRIENDS you have weathered their storms right along with them and this is another gift to you from the guys. 

(Photo by Mary Kay)