Happy 50 Years Young Garth Brooks !!!

Garth Brooks was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on February 7, 1962. He signed with Capitol Records and released his self-titled first album in 1989.  Ok that's a start but if you got all your alerts today with other sites wishing him Happy Birthday, read all the biography's on Garth you well know his successful history. I can write what other's have, tell you about all his records, his accomplishments and so forth but that is not what his birthday is for me.

When I heard Garth's first self-titled album in 1989 I knew this would be a country "love affair" that would last with me for as long as it was possible.  I think I wore out the first album & had to buy another.  I can remember such anticipation when word was out that another, and another & yet another and on & on were being released; at times being at the stores, if opened 24 hours, at midnight to get my copy.  I was never disappointed in the music Garth gave us, yet my thoughts are still out on the Chris Gaines deal.  (Ha Ha)  I have everything he has released and when I am listening daily to music somewhere in my list is Garth music.

I believe we were given the gift when Garth Brooks was born.  He has been blessed with his talent and has used it wisely, and he has also blessed the world with this gift to share his music unselfishly.  Having seen Garth ten times in concert I can tell you I have never seen the same show twice, something is always different about each one.  This was evident in January 2008 when he did what some would call impossible; five shows in two days.  All the proceeds from the $45 ticket sales, the merchandise, etc were monies donated to the Southern California Fire Fighters who had been battling days of devastating wild fires.

I attended four of those shows and to this day wish I had done all five.  The day the tickets went on sale it was like "Beatlemania" all over again, yet this was "Garthmania."  We were all exhausted but had our tickets.  It was an electric time and one I am so happy to have shared with so many friends.  The tenth and most recent show on my list was in Las Vegas, and to say that was the greatest Garth Brooks "concert" is an understatement.  It was like having him in our living room just kickin back, swapping stories and singing songs.  We laughed, we sang along, we cried, but most of all we did not want it to end. 

Garth I wish you a Happy Birthday, hoping your day was as blessed as you have blessed us with your songs.  There may be just one gift left I would like; to be able to one day meet you to shake your hand (or give ya a hug) & to say thanks, that's it, just thanks.



(Photos Courtesy of Mary Kay Bruzek 2008)




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3 thoughts on “Happy 50 Years Young Garth Brooks !!!”

  1. Great that he is still going strong! You guys should go check out a new comer to the country scene Casey James. I was fortunate to meet him earlier this year and he was a great guy. Go take a listen to him.

  2. i love this song it rnmeds me so muchof my daughters father and it reminds me of all the people that i truly loved in the past i have searched everywhere for this song i play ot over and over

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