Kenny Chesney talks about trying to buy Keith Urban a monkey

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Well OK then.  

In anticipation of his brand new CD, "Welcome to the Fishbowl", hitting stores tomorrow and his upcoming concert in Chicago, Kenny Chesney called into Chicago's US99.5 this morning and talked with the always funny Lisa and Ray.  The conversation turned to his new dog Pancho and then took a turn for the funny when Kenny recalled the time he tried to buy Keith Urban a monkey.

This is no lie, now. When Keith Urban was on the road with me, when he opened for me, I forget, it was 2008, 2007, '05, whatever it was, you know, his logo is a monkey, right?  It just so happened that year was the year of the monkey, you know? I looked all over the place and I realized that you just can't go adopt one of these or buy one, it is a legal process, but I was going to buy two monkeys and I was going to have them in his bus when he got off stage the last night of the tour as a gift. But you just can't go buy a monkey, you know, it's like adopting a kid. You have to go through almost…it's a long process, so we let that go.  

Well that darn well could have traumatized Keith for life. Could you imagine opening the door to your tour bus and finding a pair of monkeys?  It would either have been the best gift ever in the history of gift giving, or more likely a scene to give you nightmares for the rest of your life.    

Kenny also talks about the last thing his pooch Pancho chewed up — a bottle of the menthol vaporizer stuff Kenny puts in the vaporizer he uses every day to keep his voice performance ready.  He says his whole bus still smells like the stuff.  

Kenny also talks about crying at movies, Matthew McConaughey's recent wedding, and, of course, "Welcome to the Fishbowl".  

It's a great interview.  Check out the whole thing on US99.5's website



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