Well now that’s certainly an interesting birthday cake

LeAnn Rimes cake to eddie
LeAnn Rimes' husband's 39th birthday was this weekend and so she threw him a party. 

The party was complete with a birthday cake of Eddie's favorite things – his adorable boys, a Laker's jersey, a Bronco, a paddle board, and little fondant Eddie and LeAnn in bed together. 

I'll let that settle in your gullett for a moment. 

It's funny I suppose if you're making fun of your past or it was an adult party or you're trying to start a family of your own or whatever and it's definitely better than a giant cake in the shape of a penis, but still, it seems kind of an interesting choice to say the least.  

After tweeting “Eddie’s favorite things bday cake! @mysweetandsaucy LOVE there was a Laker’s jersey, a Bronco & a paddle board + more,” LeAnn went on the defensive a bit to people who questioned the choice of cake decorations, tweeting, "you ALL please find a sense of humor. Get off your high horses. Life's more fun!" 

I'm torn. I have a sense of humor with the best of them and my high horse is about as low as you can go, but this doesn't seem very funny. On one hand I think it's cute — just look at that detail — on the other…uggh. 

LeAnn, sweetie, you just make it too easy.  



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