Movie boss plans on getting Willie Nelson an Oscar

Willie Nelson, it appears, has set himself up to possibly win an Oscar, or at least be nominated for one. 

Willie has contributed the song Midnight Run to the upcoming movie 'Lawless' about a bootlegging family, and movie boss Harvey Weinstein is so excited about the song that according to The Huffington Post he's planning on making a big push to get Willie Nelson his first Oscar nomination in the Best Original Song category. 

Weinstein is so enthusiastic about the song and Nelson that he plans to push hard for "Midnight Run" to get a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Original Song, as well as for the Golden Globe Award in the same category. He noted that Nelson, who turned 79 on April 30, has never been nominated for an Oscar.

"The song's really worthy of it, and I think there's a lot of affection for Willie Nelson," Weinstein explained. "And I think in light of the Academy opening up its doors, the idea of Willie Nelson playing at the Oscars at the age of 80 is just too good to be true."

An Oscar nomination and possible win for Willie would definitely top of an extraordinary career.  

Oscar nominations are generally announced in January. 'Lawless' hits theaters this Friday. 



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