Taylor Swift wants to talk to you next week about some “really cool news”

So Taylor Swift is doing a live webchat on YouTube next week (the 13th, of course) with fans and says she has some "really cool news" that she wants to share. 

This can only mean that she's pregnant by new beau Conor Kennedy, she's getting a Vegas show like her heroes Garth, Shania, Tim, and Faith, or she's going to tell fans all about her new album that's rumored to be coming out this fall. 

I'm pretty sure the cool news has to do with her new album, but I'm still rooting for an unplanned pregnancy.  

Here's all the info you need: 

WHAT: Taylor Swift Live Webcast On YouTube. Taylor will be talking to fans around the world live online on August 13th. She will talk directly to fans and answer questions in real time. The webcast will also include a Google + Hangout* with fans around the world.

WHEN: Monday, August 13, 2012, at 7 p.m. EDT / 4 p.m. PDT

WHERE: Watch live on www.youtube.com/TaylorSwift, www.youtube.com/presents, and www.TaylorSwift.com.

QUESTIONS: Fans can submit questions directly into the live social chat during the webcast using their YouTube account.



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5 thoughts on “Taylor Swift wants to talk to you next week about some “really cool news””

  1. What kind of low life ASS wishes an unplaned unwanted pregnancy on any one, let alone Taylor. It would destroy her career and you know who would suffer, the city of Nashville. She brings BOATLOADS OF CASH TO YOUR CITY not my city. So be carefull what you wish for you morons!

  2. Thank you shannon, I consider it an honor to be called a dumbass by someone who thinks an unwanted pregnancy is ever just a joke.

  3. Well I guess I could have joked about her getting an STD from a Kennedy family member. Would that have been better? Sheesh. I’m sorry if I offended your sensibilities by joking about a pregnancy that would never happen in a thousand years. Taylor is wayyyy too smart for that.
    It’s Taylor Swift we’re talking about here, a girl who is so young and innocent seeming that she makes my 13 year old seem like the town harlot. Seriously, we’re not talking about Lindsay Lohan, we’re talking about Taylor Swift. I wouldn’t have even bothered to comment back at you except I think you’re a little bit out of line for calling me a “low life ass” for something so silly.

  4. Besides, why in the world are you giving me hell about this? I said unplanned, I never said anything about unwanted. There’s a really big difference.

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