‘Nashville’ Episode 3 – RECAP


Excited for episode 4 of the hit show but struggling to
remember what happened last week, or you just missed it and forgot to DVR? Well
look no further.

The first thing I am gonna say is Sideboob-Gate! Apparently
going into the 8th grade requires you to bare belly and sideboob.
Definitely a lol! moment for me from Rayna’s young daughter. Plot-wise Juliette’s
mother, Jolene, turns up and the drama unfolds. Juliette tries to avoid her and
then when she shows up at her house unannounced she gets security to escort off
the premises after a heated argument. However, Jolene shows no intention of
skipping town and begins causing trouble in Nashville, getting into an altercation
and stealing some food. This provokes Juliette’s manager to advise her to let
her mother stay in her house, in order to prevent her getting into any more
trouble. Juliette reluctantly agrees but refuses to be in the same room as her,
instead going shopping, stealing some nail polish and being caught on camera by
some teenage girls.

Juliette is also still attempting to win both Deacon’s heart
and his place on her tour. She wants him on an exclusive tour contract, but he refuses.
She sucks up to him by asking him into the studio to record the song they wrote
together and magical moments and things happen. They go back to her place and
sleep together, and Deacon seems to be coming round to the idea of touring with
her, until at the end of the episode Juliette goes to him and he outright
refuses to go. This seems to be their official break-up and Juliette storms out

Meanwhile Rayna has been avoiding speaking to Deacon about
their tender moment singing their old song on stage, but eventually Rayna sums
up the courage to ask to meet him to discuss things. Tearfully, she says she
knows she has to let him go, but she doesn’t want to, because him and music to
her are the same, no separation. It’s a tender moment amongst the rest of the
episode’s drama, where she implies that she still loves him but also loves
Teddy and has no idea how to navigate the situation. Deacon leaves without
really responding.

Rayna is also struggling with her relationship with her
father, and when Teddy is found to be in huge debt because of the campaign, she
receives a cheque from her father for $500,000. However, this is not without
stipulation, as in order to take this money she must agree to a contract which
severely limits what she can do career-wise. She confides in her sister about
her frustrations only to discover that the reason her father hates her career
so much, is that before her mother died she had been having a ten-year affair
with a singer-songwriter. She confronts her father about it and we find out
that he has been absent from her life because of running away from the memories
of her mother. Although close to tears, Lamar is very defensive, hating that he
feels Rayna puts her happiness above her own family, obviously relating to the
trauma he still feels from his wife’s betrayal. The conversation does not end

The question as to what Teddy has done in his past continues
as the debt issue causes Rayna to suggest taking a loan against the house. She
offers to go with him but he quickly declines, looking suspicious. When he goes
to enquire about the loan, the suspicion becomes worse as Teddy decides against
the loan due to the threat of an investigation into his financial past.

On a completely different note, Scarlett and Gunnar go to
the legendary studios to record their song, but she chokes and can’t complete
it. She goes home upset after Gunnar says that as it’s only to get publishing,
any girl can sing on the record, and she doesn’t have to have anything to do
with it. Avery, upon hearing of this, convinces her to try again and stands in
the control room while she sings to him from the live room. It’s implied that
she feels guilty singing these love songs to Gunnar and this makes her feel
uneasy about her relationship. I still have a feeling that she and Gunnar will
end up together however, and he is obviously lovesick.

This week was all very tangled, complicated and
love-triangle ish, and I’m torn as to what I want to result from each
situation. However, I’m sure things will really start to develop in episode 4,
tonight on ABC, 10/9c.

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  1. This certainly was an awesome episode! Who knew the country music scene was so deliciously devilish? All of the drama is too great to miss, especially the love triangles. My friends from my office at DISH and I are already choosing sides for which guy in Scarlett’s life to root for, and I’m choosing Avery. I can’t wait to find out who she picks! It’s safe to say that I am hooked on this show! I’m so glad I started watching. It’s just fortunate that my Hopper DVR’s PrimeTime Anytime feature auto-records it and everything else on the major networks during primetime hours, or I’d have no idea what I was missing out on. Who are you rooting for in the love triangle?

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