‘Nashville’ Episode 4 – RECAP


So here’s my weekly recap on the previous week’s episode of ‘Nashville’,
in prep for the new one. This time around it’s for episode 4, as episode 5 is
airing tonight (how excited are you?!). This episode showed the love triangle
(quadrilateral, I should say) between Rayna, Deacon, Teddy and Juliette. Just
to recap on everything we know right now: Rayna and Deacon used to be together,
for about 10 years. Deacon went into rehab whilst Rayna got married to Teddy.
When Deacon came out of rehab he continued to be Rayna’s guitarist while she
had two kids with Teddy, but the flame between them never went away. Deacon
stayed loyal even though he still loves Rayna.

When we pick the series up Juliette comes in, she’s always
been a big fan of Deacon’s and wants him to come on tour and write a song with
her. She sleeps with him and they start to get a little relationship-y.
Meanwhile Rayna is starting to have feelings for Deacon again and several
situations mean her feelings are getting stronger and stronger, but she’s getting
ever more confused with her marriage to Teddy and wanting to be loyal. When
Deacon refuses to go on tour with Juliette, she breaks up with him, and it
looks like he and Rayna may drift closer together. In this episode things
reached boiling point when Rayna performs for Teddy’s fundraiser and her
manager asks Deacon to perform with them. He and Teddy come to blows before
they go on stage and after Rayna and Deacon seem to come to an end as a couple,
Rayna not wanting to let go but not wanting to actually be with Deacon either
(though she had a smokin’ hot dream at the beginning of this episode that
totally made me ship them as a couple!). Teddy tells Rayna he can’t live like
this anymore and Rayna says she’s going to fire Deacon. Also, Juliette phones
Deacon after all this as she needs someone and it’s implied they’re about to
sleep together again before the episode ends abruptly.

Personally I don’t like Teddy, there’s something about him
that creeps me out, and the return of an old flame in the form of Kimberly
Williams-Paisley with a secret to hide only confirms my suspicions that he’s
not a nice man. The claim that the secret being revealed could hurt his
marriage shows that there is more to come in this love triangle and I for one
am very excited about it.

Juliette has had more going on than just affectations of the
heart, however, as the video taken at the end of episode 3 showing her
shoplifting goes viral and there is a media frenzy. She attempts to ignore it,
refusing to take an interview or put out a statement but the press are insistent
and gradually tour sponsors start dropping out and the CMAs revoke her
privilege as a presenter. She agrees to take an interview with Good Morning
America, but denies the shoplifting claims, making out it was an accident, but
the interview turns sour when she is questioned about her mom being arrested
for drug possession and she leaves early. Tensions are running high with her
mom now staying with her and despite Jolene’s best efforts her daughter refuses
to communicate. Eventually Juliette raids her mother’s bag looking for drugs
and finds a picture, presumably of them both when Juliette was born. They both
end up crying hysterically but we don’t get to know what happens beyond that.
Juliette’s manager threatens to stop working with her after all that’s
happened, but she promises to take all his advice and admits that shoplifting
when she was a kid made her feel like she could look after herself, further
developing her troubled character.

On a completely different note, Scarlett and Gunnar land a publishing deal. Gunnar
meets Hailey, an assistant at the publishing company, and sleeps with her after
they and Scarlett, Avery and Jeanie (the head of the company) go out to dinner
to celebrate signing the deal. Even though they promise it’s a one-time thing,
there’s some cheeky flirting going on so I can see this being something to
watch out for in episodes to come, and I’m loving Hailey’s sultry look and sexy
confidence teamed with Gunnar’s quiet, laid back awkwardness. Meanwhile Avery
is struggling with Scarlett’s sudden new-found success and unfairly shouts at
her and walks off on her after she said she learnt how to write from him,
because he felt she didn’t need to help him. I’m not sure about Avery and
Scarlett’s future, she’s such a shrinking violet and he walks all over her in
his moody life’s-not-fair kind of strop. She’s far too nice and good to him,
and I feel like he’s taking advantage over the fact that she’s too scared to
think for herself or head near the spotlight, and when she does he hates it. Ugh,
he’s a jerk. Just saying he really annoys me!

Finally in this episode we actually see some connection between
the Scarlett storyline and the rest of them, as she meets with Deacon, her
uncle. I feel like there needs to be more connections made as half the time it
does feel as if I’m watching two different shows.

Well, it was a good episode, and I’m excited to see how
things progress tonight! Watch it on ABC at 10/9c.

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