‘Nashville’, Episode 12 – RECAP


The fallout from last week’s episode of Deacon joining the
tour as Juliette’s guitar player continues as the group land in Chicago for two
sold-out shows. After Deacon lets on to Juliette on a couple of occasions he’s overwhelmed
with the amount of entourage her tour comes with, Juliette starts to feel like
she doesn’t want to do her whole ‘brand’ thing anymore and she wants to get
more serious, despite the warnings of her manager. She writes a song with
Deacon called ‘Consider Me’ that is more in line with that musical ethos and
Deacon tells her that “there’s thinking about something, and there’s just doing
it”, which appears to be the running theme for this episode. Because of this,
Juliette decides to begin her second night’s set with the stripped down song as
a surprise, that not even Deacon knows about. Her manager is livid but the
performance appears to go really well. Back in the dressing room Juliette hears
of thousands of angry tweets slamming her performance, including an important
reviewer. She mulls over them until her assistant, who really enjoyed the song,
shows her the love on YouTube and everything is righted, making Juliette more
determined than ever to do what she wants.

Rayna is also having a difficult time, trying to adjust to
Deacon being on the tour after being knocked back by him again and again,
whilst facing the wrath of Teddy over the phone who’s convinced it was Rayna’s
idea. Deacon mostly refuses to speak to her, and there are several awkward
elevator scenes, until Juliette’s manager confronts Deacon after finding out
her convinced Juliette to perform ‘Consider Me’. He says that Deacon has no
business telling her the distinctions between thinking and doing, and that all
he had ever seen Deacon do is think. Straight after this, Deacon gets in the
same elevator as Rayna and BAM! He passionately kisses her (with her kissing
back) and every fan of the couple melted (including me).

But Rayna’s guilt over kissing her former lover can be
ignored, as Teddy bumping into Peggy results in him giving her a lift home
after she tells him she’s getting a divorce. Sitting outside her new apartment,
Peggy tells Teddy he deserves happiness, and they end up making out and then
having sex. Meanwhile Rayna texts Deacon to come and talk to her about what
happened, and asks him to meet her in her hotel room. Someone knocks at the
door but when Rayna answers it it’s Teddy, come to tell her he wants a divorce.
Deacon turns up later but sees Teddy and walks away again, disheartened?

Scarlett and Gunnar get cuter in this episode with their
conversations, as both are having issues with their living arrangements.
Scarlett can’t afford to pay the rent and Avery owes her money, but she doesn’t
want to go near him. Gunnar’s roommates are a pain in the a** and keep waking
him up and a crazy hour in the morning and messing about. They play a night
with JT and the band but it’s a slow night and $25 isn’t enough to cover
Scarlett’s rent. It’s also interrupted by Gunnar’s a**hole roommates.

Avery’s star is rising and he arranges to meet Scarlett at
her house, but not without a camera crew who are tracking his rise to fame and
filming outside what used to be his home. Scarlett breaks up the filming and is
not impressed, demanding the money from Avery. When he doesn’t comply, Scarlett
asks Gunnar to move in with her on a strictly friends basis, in order to pay
the rent and for him to get some sleep. Avery comes by late at night to give
Scarlett what he owes her, sees Gunnar staying there and immediately assumes
they’re sleeping together, leading to a stand-off between Avery and Gunnar. They
punch each other, then Avery leaves. Scarlett nurses Gunnar’s wounds and the
two get closer. Avery then decides to stop sleeping with his manager as he’s
really screwed up about the Scarlett and Gunnar situation.

Phew! It’s all going off. If the preview is anything to go
by, episode 13 should be huge, so get ready to watch the fallout! Tonight at
10/9c on ABC.

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10 thoughts on “‘Nashville’, Episode 12 – RECAP”

  1. Thanks for the recap, and I agree that Scarlett and Gunnar are really cute in this episode. I hear Rayna is going to offer to sign them in the next episode, too, which should make their storyline even better. Unfortunately I’m going to miss the next episode when it airs because I’ll be working late at DISH this Wednesday. My DISH Hopper auto-records Nashville and the other shows on ABC during primetime, though, so it will be easy for me to catch Nashville’s next episode even if I forget to set a timer.

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