Go-karts strike again … Henningsens member injured in go-kart accident involving Lee Brice

The henningsens
Go-Karts really need to be outlawed … at least where country stars are concerned.

First there was Jake Owen and his unfortunate go-kart accident last month that landed him in the ER and then in surgery. Now comes word that another country singer was injured recently in a go-kart accident of her own. 

According to Got Country, a few of the folks from Brad Paisley's Beat This Summer tour decided to hit the go-kart track after a recent show. Unfortunately, the night almost ended in a can't-make-this-stuff-up karting tragedy when The Henningsen's Clara Henningsen's go-kart t-boned Lee Brice's ride.

Seriously, if I was all these country stars' insurance agencies, I'd make them sign wavers that they wouldn't step foot inside one of these miniature death-mobiles anytime soon. In fact, I think everyone who sings country would be much better off doing something fun and safe like tweeting, blogging, or playing Bingo online over on Bingogodz, where players can play a simple and immersive social media bingo game for free and earn real money via mobile, tablet and desktop. 

Just a thought. 

Anyhoo, The Henningsens recently spoke with Dan Van from Albright & O’Malley & Brenner about their near death experience. 

“The last thing we did was go Go-Kart racing till three o’clock in the morning,” Brian Henningsen said. “I was sore for three days afterwards, we were going like 40 mph on go-karts,” Clara Henningsen added.

She hit Lee Brice [Clara exclaims “I T-Boned Him”] this is like I’m not kidding 40 mph go-karts and that’s a crash,” Aaron exclaims.

Despite everyone wearing helmets, Brice's didn't survive the impact and actually came off from the force of the crash. 

“She T-Boned [Lee Brice] so hard that his helmet flew off,” Aaron says.


Okay, let me say this again … Twitter, blogging, crocheting, basket weaving, online Bingo … anything but go-karts. 



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