Easton Corbin recently got divorced, not that any of us knew he was married

Easton corbin
See now, this is why it’s always a good idea to let the world know what’s going on in your personal life. 

According to The Country Vibe, while making the media rounds yesterday to promote his new single, All Over the Road, Corbin revealed that he’s currently a single guy. This might have been good information to have let the media folks know beforehand since everyone I guess kept trying to wish him a happy anniversary (which would have been Monday had he not gotten quietly divorced a year ago). 

By the time The Country Vibe finally got the chance to talk to Corbin, the news was out that happy anniversary wishes weren’t needed and probably kind of annoying.

Corbin’s response to marriage questions apparently was, “The only thing I’m married to is my career.”  

Poor Easton. Yikes. 

[The Country Vibe]



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